COMMISSION FORMIf your request is more complex than the form below allows, please contact me HERE
  1. The Client fills out the COMMISSION FORM to completion and full accuracy
    (if you’re representing a business or similar entity applying for a more complex commission please contact me HERE)
  2. The Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Service
  3. I will contact you to either approve or decline the commission.
  4. If accepted I will then add you to the commission slot queue and notify you of your position.
  5. When the commission commences I will contact you to come to an agreement on pricing and will send you an invoice detailing the agreed payment plan
  6. I will only commence work on the commission only after you have paid as agreed 
  • Almost anything,  feel free to ask me me! : )
    Otherwise, here are a few common commission examples. [But feel free to ask if you have something not listed here :) ]
  • Your original characters be it humanoid, anthro, animal, insect or monster, etc
  • Non-Commercial Fanart of your favourite characters and fandoms
  • Ship art as long as it is appropriate.
  • Complicated character designs and character sheets
  • Artistic and tasteful nudity [18+ only]
  • Cartoon gore, violence and general wacky buffoonery  [Semi/Realistic is 18+ only]
  • Design logos, shirt designs and other commercial art [Requires a contract with different Terms And Conditions Of Service]
  • It’d be a joy to draw any positive depictions of many groups + identities. Just clarifying that I provide a safe place 💖
  • Hateful acts, hate crimes, or depicting hate speech (without critique)
  • Offensive imagery, cultural appropriation, or stereotypical caricatures
  • Gore that is senseless, offensive or extremely exploitive and cruel
  • Explicit pornographic content
    * Depictions of artistic and tasteful nudity is entirely acceptable
    * Implied loving or consensual sexual acts is fine as long as it isn’t the focus or intended for lewd reasons
  • Fetishes
    * Be it explicitly or non-explicitly sexual


  • I only accept payments of AUD and USD through Paypal. 
  • Do not send me any payment until you’ve received my invoice. 
  • A possible payment plan is that the client will pay for 50% of the price before I begin and 50% before I send the final work. The percentages will change depending on what the commission demands.
  • It is expected that the client has 1 week maximum to respond and pay the invoice I send for the commission. If you do not both pay & contact me, your commission will be canceled and you will lose your position in the queue. 
  • Do not send any payment as a gift over PayPal. (As this is against PayPal's TOS)
  • Do not send a shipping address of any kind over PayPal. It is not required and will complicated the payment process. I only send digital copies of art. 

I am working to implement payments via Stripe and more in future. 


  • Note that commission prices and rates will depend on complexity and detail, and that the prices listed on the commission form are only an estimated STARTING price. 
  • The starter price is non-negotiable and I will not go lower than that. 


If I make a mistake (like forgetting a part of the initial written commission application) that requires a change to the work it will come at no additional cost. 

Requesting a change to a work in progress is typically without additional charge during the commission process. Changes are free on a standard average of 3, depending on complexity.

Although additional charges during the commission process will apply when:

  • The request to change the work occurs beyond the initial sketching and composition period.
  • The client requests a detailed change to the commission
  • The client’s request requires an upgrade to another commission type
    (EG. A Basic Commission upgraded to a Detailed Commission)
  • The change requests become too frequent or there is too many at a time.

I will typically not accept any request for detailed changes to a commission when it is in the final stages or has been finalised. If I do accept a change request at this stage, it will cost additional charges and they may or may not be costly (depending on what you wish to change).

If it is a commercial commission and we have previously agreed that I will assist with changes or alterations post finalisation for a set period of time (consider it a longevity insurance plan) I will accept further changes after the work has been finalised.

This may involve any additional charges being either included in the original invoice prior or I will invoice you for the additional charges separately. If there was no previous agreement, you will have to commission me separately.


If requesting changes is not an option that works for you, I will help you through this for the best outcome.

  • Full refunds are only viable if no parts of the work (from sketches to the final) has been completed. You’d have to request a refund ASAP.
  • If it was previously agreed upon that you’d pay me in instalments, such as half or part for the completion of half or part of the work, (EG. Sketches, Composition Finalisation, early colours) you cannot receive a refund for the work I have already done, but I will waive the next instalment of payments for the work I did not begin.
  • If in the rare case that there is considerable reasoning for a full refund excluding the above conditions, the conditions in the “TERMINATING A COMMISSION” section apply.
  • You cannot request a refund for reasons not inherently pertaining or relevant to the art/commission work itself. (EG. Requesting a refund because you have decided you dislike the person you commission etc)


At any point of the commission process, if you, as the client, request to terminate or cancel the commission and receive a partial/full refund, any work refused by the client cannot be used in whole or in part. The only exception to this is if you have paid for any initial work (which cannot be refunded). You will be allowed to benefit from them as per the standard and agreed upon Usage and Rights.

To reiterate; you cannot commission me, decide to to cancel, receive a refund and then benefit or use my work in whole or in part. This also disallows another artist or entity (Paid or Not) to edit or build upon the works design or influence.

If I do not hear back consistently enough to progress the commission or do not hear back at all from a client regarding a commission for a noticeable amount of time the commission is assumed as terminated. Their commission and payment to that point are forfeit and no commission work beyond that will be completed or delivered. Any payments that were expected to be paid are waived only if I haven’t begun or finalised the work. You cannot receive a refund for work that is already created, even if it isn’t finalised. The client is paying for my skills as well as my time, and that time could be used for other work. I will end up missing work if the client is not cooperative.


I reserve the right to refuse to accept or confirm any commission offer and application.
I also reserve the right to terminate, cancel and refuse a commission at any point in response to:

  • Poor communication/miscommunication on the clients part
  • If there is an inability to come to an understanding to progress the commission
  • If the client displays disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour towards me
  • Or breaks the agreement of usage and rights

I will refuse spec work/speculative work as I value the years of time, money and effort I have invested into becoming a professional artist. 

I will however be open to donate any graphic work for charities and movements that I am personally passionate about.


All my work falls under Copyright.
Though, I offer licenses.

The licenses I utilise are:
Creative Commons License (Non-Commercial)
Commercial license

The Licenses listed have entirely different terms and conditions, or may require additional contracts and payment agreements. My understanding and detailing of licenses may differ from your personal understanding, but I am open to talking in depth about these licenses with you.

If you commission a non-commercial commission but benefit commercially later on from what is my own designs, artistic direction and additions I require compensation for my time.

Your obligations as the client are:

  • To credit me if you are to share or use the work.
    Credit "pollentung" and provide my website, or relevant social media eg.
    [Basic/General Credit: credit pollentung website: ""] + [EG. on instagram: credit @pollentung]
  • Contact permission from the creator to do anything that goes beyond the terms of the license (eg. making commercial use of the work or creating a derivative work where the license does not permit this)
  • Not to make unsolicited changes to the work. But in the case of having acquired permission to make changes, acknowledge the original work and indicate that changes have been made and what they are.

The client is generally allowed to:

  • Use the copyrighted work solely for personal use*
  • Non-Commercially print the art, use as social media and other personal purposes*
  • Claim right and ownership of what is explicitly and solely their intellectual property featured in the work (Designs, Characters, Branding etc) but are not the work itself
* Unless previously agreed upon through a written contract.

The client is not allowed to:

  • Alter the terms of the agreed upon license unsolicited
  • Use the work in any way that is prejudicial to the reputation of the creator of the work
  • Use the work in any way that is against the values and morals the creator of the work represents
  • Imply that the creator is endorsing or sponsoring the commissioner personally or their work
  • Add any technologies (such as digital rights management) or further licenses to the work that restrict other people from using it if it violates the agreed upon license *
  • Create or reproduce the work in ways that are derivative or appropriating the work
  • Remove any watermarks/signatures
  • Make any profit off the work unless the explicitly agreed upon license allows it

*I am only willing to waive my own rights as the artist to the work for an extra fee.

I as the creator retain the base rights to:

  • The work. This includes, but is not limited to, producing and selling prints or portfolios (print, digital or CD) and posting to online and physical galleries. (Though, the client can request a private commission. Meaning I will not post or exhibit the work, though this at times may come at an extra fee)
  • Sell originals at exhibits, conventions or online auction.

I as the creator I am obligated to:

  • Be open to in-depth discussion so as to make your project true to your vision and the best it can be
  • Be respectful and professional 

I will never allow my art, work or anything pertaining to my brand, identity or self to be used, appropriated or involved with any persons, movement or organisation that represents or operates against my strong morals, sense of justice and pursuit of peace.

This includes any appropriations, parodies, alterations, and derivatives of my art, work, brand, identity or self. During my life and after my death, I will never consent to this use or alike in any form.

 This is a matter of moral right and respect to my humanity. To deny me of these rights is to deny me my right to be treated humanely and my right to peace.

If the client breaks the usage agreement in any way, all rights they have to the work will be forfeit.

In commissioning me, you are trusted to have read to completion and fully agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service.
If you still have questions please fill in the question section at the end of the commission form.
The listed Terms and Conditions are not intended for commercial commissions. That is something we will discuss in depth when needed.


Last updated 20/12/2021
The Terms and Conditions of Service will be revised and amended without warning.

Please do not use these Terms and Conditions Of Service as a template or reference for your own.
This is in your best interest as I understand it will likely be different for your needs and business.